HANDLES Knife Attack Like BOSS… 1 Lesson for Self Defence

Best Way to Defend Yourself is to carefully pick your position in a street fight. This week look at a case study in which a Bouncer is faced with a knife attacker. It’s a great lesson for self defence as we can take away some simple pointers. Although, the Best Knife Defence strategy requires an understanding of the psychology of knife attacks. In Part 2 of the video We look at how to defend yourself against a knife attack using some simple knife defence tips.


KNIFE ATTACKS!!! What Self Defence Experts Won’t Say:

How to DEFEND & SURVIVE Knife Attacks | Knife Defence Psychology: https://youtu.be/GbICn-sc73o

Street Fight Escalates to Deadly Knife Attack!!! 1 Lifesaving Lesson for Self Defence

KNIFE ATTACKS!!! What Self Defence Experts Won’t Say

BEST MOMENT to Defend Knife Attack

Part 1 examines some simple myths of how to defend yourself when facing a knife. The realty of knife attacks is that you often can’t run away from your attacker. Also fancy martial arts moves just won’t cut it in the real world. What you need to do is recognise the threat and use the appropriate self defence strategy.

The simple idea is to identifying whether the person is trying to kill or threaten you. This can make a difference in how you approach the knife in your own defence. We argue that showing the knife to the victim is a form of intimidation. It is a threat that is psychological in nature and designed to increase the degree of compliance. This is especially likely in violent crimes such as robbery.

The opposite is likely to be true when you can’t see the knife. That is he is more likely trying to seriously injure or kill you. It’s often the case that when the knife is hidden intention is to use the knife straight away. These types of attacks are often in the form of ambushes. Under these circumstances you are expecting to find a higher likelihood of extreme violence.

The last section of the video discusses exactly how to defend against the knife according to the type of threat. If they are simply threatening you with the knife then you have a chance to smoother the weapon and disable the knife hand.

Although, this is commonly taught in many YouTube videos, one detail often overlooked it the placement of your hands. We discuss this point in more detail, examining where exactly to hold the knife hand in a safer manner to gain maximum control over your attackers arm. Of course, this moves beyond psychology into the fighting.

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