Fast Cane Self Defense Lesson Close Combat

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Close quarter combat strategies with the best street fight self defense weapon the walking cane! Discover how to use a walking cane to defend yourself against a violent attack. Become a patron and help me continue making these instructional videos. Thank you!

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Matt Pasquinilli is head instructor of Quantum Martial Arts at 905 US Highway 1, Unit N Lake Park, Florida 33403 Located minutes from Singer Island between North Palm Beach, Jupiter and Tequesta in the North, Palm Beach Gardens to the West, and Delray and Boca Raton in the South. Jupiter martial arts and palm beach gardens martial arts.

I was watching television on night years ago and mesothelioma lawyer ads kept popping up over and over. What does that have to do with martial arts? In these mesothelioma lawyer ads there was a mesothelioma stricken victim who was walking with a cane. That lung cancer and mesothelioma lawyer commercial with the mesothelioma lung cancer patient using a cane reminded me of combat hapkido cane fighting that I had seen years ago at a martial arts tournament. Lung cancer and mesothelioma is no joke, and I’m not making light of the need for a mesothelioma lawyer, I’m just thinking of what got me started training in cane self defense so many years ago.

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